The experts who take the lectures in the live sessions online are experienced in their respective subjects. They ensure that the same discipline is maintained throughout the live sessions. Here, the physical presence of a teacher does not impact the overall standard of the course.

Each of the live interactive classes and recorded video lessons are designed based on the requirement of the complete syllabus.

The best of MTdigital faculty take classes in the courses including the live and recorded classes. Experienced faculty who have opted for modern era teaching methods will help students to clarify their concepts related to the subjects. This includes interactive interface-based sessions where teachers use infographics, graphs, illustrations, and images.

 All of the courses of MTdigital are designed under the expertise of the top subject experts. Students can get all their doubts cleared by being in direct contact with the expert. Chargeable extra classes may also be arranged.

  The online teaching mode is similar to that of classroom teaching. Students need not worry about the study material’s quality or expertise of the teachers. The quality of all the features is the same as that of classroom teaching.

 Parents can easily keep track of the progress of their child during his preparation with the online courses. This will help them understand the performance of the student along with the areas where he needs to work hard and smart. A unique feature is that the online parent-teacher meeting ensures the presence of transparency in the preparation of the student.

The live classes are conducted in a specific time frame under a specific time frame. In that particular number of hours, the entire syllabus is completed with success.

The interactive live sessions get recorded which students enrolled in the course can access later. If the student has missed any of the lectures, he can simply access the course material with the recorded lectures. This is in the case of group sessions.

Yes. Classes are compatible with gadgets such as laptops, desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

 The refund policy has been set to provide students with certain flexibility for utilizing the respective course. This varies with the course chosen on the platform. For the quick resolution of your queries, check out the terms and conditions.

The course is crafted in such a manner that students can effectively complete the entire syllabus at a smooth pace without facing hurdles.

Session duration varies from 1 to 2 hours. There are many packages to choose from. 2/3/5 sessions a week. Weekend classes are also available.

Yes. Students are offered free demo classes to get acquainted with the teaching methods and interface. This eases students' understanding of the classes for respective subjects. Please reach us on 9891264697 and our counsellors will assist you with the DEMO.

Parent-Teacher interactions play a crucial role in the required performance and keeping a track of the progress of the student for the main
                                    examination. Parents will interact with teachers via online mode {chat, videos, and phone calls} and receive a classroom experience with the comfort of home.

If you don’t have a laptop or computer, you need not worry. You just need to have a stable internet connection along with a smartphone/tablet to access the live classes.

You will be provided with the details of login credentials, class schedule, and test schedules in advance.

This depends on different factors including goal towards the examination along with the ability of the student to grasp the mentioned information provided in the respective course. These online classes are provided by the best of MTdigital Faculty. An appreciating aspect is that students receive the same level of education as that of classroom coaching. This is achieved without wasting time and efforts to travel to the coaching centres and save huge fee packages.

The refund amount received on the cancellation of the course subscription depends on certain aspects. You can check out the MTdigital terms and conditions page for better clarification.

 You can attend the classes over the laptop, desktop, mobile phone, and tablet. The internet is a must for accessing all the classes.

Yes. Location-independent courses offered by MTdigital help students to take the classes irrespective of their location. This makes it easier for the students to go ahead and learn the concepts of the subjects.

The main aim is to boost faculty communication with the students. Students can press the ‘raise hand’ icon, text in chat box etc.

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